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Posted by on Dec 1, 2017 in Practice, Recommended Articles | 2 comments

Essential Practice Tips for Beginners Part 5: Accessibility

Essential Practice Tips for Beginners, Part 5

Successful practicing has as much to with your mindset as your efforts, so it is important to understand how you should approach your practicing both mentally and physically.  In my last few blogs, I have been offering some suggestions and wisdom from my own experiences as a player and instructor to help you practice smarter and be a better player as a result.  This last blog in this five part series deals with a very important key to your success as a musician:  Instrument Accessibility.

“Out of sight, out of mind,” is a very old saying, but a more truthful saying could not be found concerning  your instrument being the last thing you think about during a typical day.  You may decide after you purchase that beautiful and shiny new guitar that you should keep it in your case so it doesn’t get damaged, dusty, etc.   While those are the best of intentions, you will likely end up with a shiny, but unplayed, guitar that stays in the case more often than not.  You need to keep your guitar close at hand—not tucked away in its case perhaps under your bed.  If that instrument stays in view, it will definitely increase the likelihood of being picked up and played by you.  The whole idea is to get that instrument in your hands as often as possible, and making it more accessible is the key. 

Guitar StandThe best thing to do is to keep your guitar or other instrument in a stand close by where you relax.  Guitar stands are very inexpensive, and you will be amazed at how much more you will play your instrument if it is right next to your favorite chair!  For families with children or pets, putting an instrument in a floor stand may not be the best option.  However, you don’t have to pack it away.  Guitar Wall Stand

You may pick from a variety of wall-mounted instrument hangers/holders that are available for purchase online or at your local music store.  These keep your guitar safe from little hands, and from being bumped or tripped over.

In short, make it easy for yourself to play.  That guitar sitting in a stand— begging to be played— is a reminder for you.  If it’s in a case, you simply won’t think about playing it nearly as much.  Keep that instrument in sight, and it’ll stay in your mind!

Isaac Rochester

Isaac Rochester is the instructor for guitar at


  1. What kind of Gospel music can we learn I am a older guy that loves traditional gospel music IE Amazing Grace The Old rugged Cross songs like that be it Country. Bluegrass, or Southern Gospel as long as it is Gospel I love it,
    Can I find these kind of songs.

    Thank you

    Taylor Elliott Calgary AB Canada

    • Yes! You will find those types of hymns on TGW.

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